President Karzai Extends Olive Branch To Taliban

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has decided the current process of utilizing military action to defeat the Taliban is not working and he has decided to reach out to Taliban leader Mullah Omar in an effort to attain peace. He said: “A few days ago, I called upon their leader, Mullah Omar and said, my brother my dear, come back to your homeland, come and work for the peace and good of your people and stop killing your brothers.” The president’s peace plea went against both the Bush and McCain view which refuses to have talks with the enemy and seeks to attain “victory” in Afghanistan. Karzai’s offer has placed Senator McCain in a dilemma, does he once again denounce his prior statements of no discussions or does he flip flop and support such talks?

A Taliban spokesperson old Reuters that Omar had said: “Reconsider our wrong decision of wrong occupation and seek a safe exit to withdraw your forces.” Omar boasted if the Americans and coalition forces remain in Afghanistan they will be defeated just as the Soviet Russians were twenty five years ago.

Karzai announced he would offer safe passage and protection to any Taliban leader who wants to come to Afghanistan to engage in peace negotiations. Will he offer the same deal to John McCain who wants the war to continue?