President Karzai Knew Of Assassination Plot

Last weekend’s attempt by Taliban militants to kill the president of Afghanistan apparently were known by the Karzai government, but, it was still unable to prevent the plot from unfolding. Afghanistan’s intelligence chief said he warned the president the plot was hatched over a month ago and the assassins had rented hotel rooms in the city. Amrullah Saleh said, “We had technical information… that this would happen… We passed this information to the national security(adviser) and to the president of Afghanistan.” Despite complete failure on the part of Karzai’s intelligence operation, none of those in charge will be replaced.

American officials denied there had been any victory on the part of Taliban militants even though they came within feet of killing the president of Afghanistan. White House press secetary Dana Perino, said, “When it comes to dealing with terrorists like the Taliban or al-Qaida, they just have to have even… a little bit of an impact for everyone to say that they had a big victory.”

The press secretary is correct on one point, it is a minor event in terms of anyone of importance getting killed. But, it is a major event because it again illustrates the incompetent leadership surrounding President Karzai. People secure positions due to tribal influence, not because of competence. Seven years have passed and the Bush administration insists everything in the long run will work out OK.

In the meantime, another Taliban attack, eighteen dead including 11 police and 36 wounded. The seven year war continues.