President Karzai-Would You Buy A Used Nation From Him?

There are liberal critics in the United States who seek to have President Obama end any relations with the corrupt regime of President Karzai, but the facts reveal the Afghan leader is really not as corrupt as charged by his critics. There are 180 nations listed on the corruption list and Afghanistan is not at the bottom, it is second from the bottom. This proves conclusively that Karzai is making headway in leading his nation away from corruption and incompetence. Fortunately, for him, there is always Somalia and that means no other country can out pace Somalia in the corruption-chaos department. Karzai has repeatedly been urged by western nations to rid himself of corrupt associates, and the little man is ready to take some action. He most probably will discharge foreign minister Rangreen Dadfar Spanta who has not done the worst job in the world, but he lacks contacts with drug lords so who the heck wants him around. However, Karzai in presenting his government to the world made certain his two vice presidents, Muhammed Qasim Fahim and Abdul Karim Khalili, who are both known to be cosy with drug lords and have been charged with numerous human rights brutalities.

So, what does the western world do? No one in his right mind would seek to depend on this trio of incompetent corrupt individuals if the goal is securing peace in Afghanistan. But, President Obama would rather allow himself to be manipulated than to take a stand and say to Karzai-end corruption or we end our stay in Afghanistan. The assumption is if western nations leave, the Taliban will waltz into power. But, would they? Or would local chieftains and tribal leaders then engage in conflict with the Taliban?