President Mbeki Denounced By G-8 Leaders

The tragedy that has befallen Zimbabwe by the rule of its megalomanic ruler, Robert Mugabe, has also included the personal tragedy of President Mbeki of South Africa. A friend of Nelson Mandela in the fight to bring freedom to the people of South Africa has become the poster boy for evil because of his refusal to denounce the brutal rule of his friend, Mugabe. G-8 leaders made critical comments to the face of Mugabe concerning his failure to function as an impartial mediator in Zimbabwe and turning his back on blatant violence against the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). Mbeki was asked by the Southern African Development Community(SADC) to serve as its mediator, but, he has ignored the killing of 90 MDC leaders, the beatings and intimidation of thousands because of his personal friendship with Mugabe.

Hussein Solmon of the Pretoria Center for International Policy says the G-8 comments were “extremely humliating” for Mbeki. Several African leaders from Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, and Nigeria have denounced the brutality that has engulfed Zimbabwe while Mbeki refused to raise his voice in protest. Solomon believe the Mbeki personality can “not accept his failure.” In the meantime thousands have been brutalized because Mbeki had emotional problems in admitting his mistakes.