President Mubarak Crowns Son President Mubarak

Egypt hardly ranks among the dynamic nations of the world as growing unemployment, a stagnant economy, and thousands of young educated people lack entry into meaningful jobs, but President Hosni Mubarak is convinced his people need Mubarak ideas if they are to remain in a state of inertia. He has decided that his son, Gamal is the right man for the right job of keeping Egypt in the doldrums. Opposition leaders were shocked to learn that a noted supporter of change, sociologist, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, signed a petition which urges the little boy to step up to the plate of power and strike out just as did his father. Ibrahim was among the first prominent intellectuals to urge an end to the Mubarak dynasty, but now he is supporting the son to run which amounts to supporting the next president of Egypt. Shortly before boarding a flight to the US, he defended the decision to sign the petition on grounds all he was doing is affirming the right of anyone to run for public office. “I signed to support his right as a citizen to run, but I don’t endorse him.”

Egypt is NOT a free nation and to imagine petitions asking Gamal to run are part of some democratic process is either naive or stupid. If he runs, he will win, regardless of the vote count. Ibrahim has only provided support for a coming election in which there is only one candidate able to win.