President Mugabe At World Food Conference

The presence of President Robert Mugabe at a UN world food conference is akin to inviting Osama bin Laden to discuss ways of creating friendship with Israel. Mugabe has transformed a nation which had an exceptionally well developed agricultural economy into one in which four million people currently need food assistance, 3.5 million have fled the country in search of food and shelter, and an inflation rate which is at 165,00%. Mugabe will bring his talents to assist the world in dealing with soaring food prices and their impact on poor people. When it comes to dealing with issues of poverty, Mr. Mugabe is an expert on how to create the situation of poverty.

International Development Secretary Dopuglas Alexander said “I think it is obscene and I’m outraged by his presence. We don’t see Robert Mugabe as graining any legitimacy or credibility from attending this meeting when four milliion of his own people are now relying on food aid as a direct consequence of his profound misrule of the country.”

Mugabe is reaching for straws to convince someone in the world there is some aspect of legitimacy to his rule as president.