President Mugabe Gears Up For War

In many ways, President Robert Mugabe symbolizes the problems of modern Africa. He is a brutal dictator who makes agreements to adhere to international law but within days after promising such behavior, he goes right back to arresting opposition members or beating up rivals. South African MPs Wilmot James and Kenneth Mubu told the media they have information which suggests Mugabe is creating an arms arsenal that he could use against the opposition if anyone challenged his dictatorial rule. According to Mubu, “I think there is not doubt Mugabe is preparing for war. We spoke to very, very reliable sources” and they insist Mugabe is in negotiation with the Cuban, Venezuelan and North Korean governments to secure arms and ammunition.

Most probably there are still those on the left who continue admiring President Hugo Chavez whom they regard as a man who stands up to capitalist America. Unfortunately, the only standing up for Chavez is to protect his power. He has failed to respect the rights of democratic forces in Africa by allying himself with the likes of Robert Mugabe.

One might also ask where is South African and President Zuma in this entire mess?