President Musharraf Continues Arresting Opposition Leaders

President Musharrafg of Pakistan continues insisting his nation is experiencing a crisis which necessitates a state of emergency being called and refuses to allow opposition leaders to openly protest his decisions. Yesterday, three leaders of the Bhutto led Peoples Party of Pakistan (PPP) were arrested. Ms. Bhutto said there could not be free elections if Musharraf is openly allowed to run for office while opposition leaders are in jail. She has reached out to her former opponents and indications are they are ready to cooperate against the Musharraf rule. Nawaz Sharif, whose party has long opposed Bhutto announced: “We are ready to set aside our differences with the PPP, and work for the return of a democratic rule.”

The only true success achieved by President Musharraf in the past few weeks is finally persuading competing political parties to unite in a coalition for democracy in their nation. This may well be the most important change occurring in Pakistan and it holds open opportunities for success not just in establishing a democratic Pakistan, but in creating an impetus to effectively deal with militants in the northwest regions of the nation.