President Obama Again Explains

Barack Obama is a very intelligent man, he went to Harvard and understands how to speak with clarity and support his ideas with evidence. As President of the United States he has always spoken of his desire to assist those who are illegal immigrants. Of course, under his administration more illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than any other president in history. However, in defense of Barack Obama, he wants to prove that in matters of national security he is not the man to mess with. He completely supports the rights of those who are here for years and would do anything in his power to ensure they are not here years from now.

Ten year old Jersey Vargas somehow got to Italy, somehow got to Rome and somehow got to speak with Pope Francis. She asked him to ask President Obama to halt the deportation of her dad who has lived in America for nearly two decades. The Pope did speak with Obama. In his most eloquent manner, the president ensured the Pope that he is “very mindful of the plight of so many illegal immigrants.”

A more eloquent statement would have been to ensure her dad remains in Åmerica.