President Of Kurdistan No Show In USA

I realize that most Americans were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Massoud Barzani, President of Iraq Kurdistan. I gather than children in Washington D.C. schools were making flags and portraits of the great leader in order to display their hope he will not only visit their school but send a few gallons of oil to help pay bills. Republicans are furious because they had scheduled hearings in which they intended to cross examine Barzani as to his knowledge about Benghazi. What exactly did he know about terrorists in Libya? Of course, most Republican congressmen believe that Kurdistan is sort of on the boundary of Libya or somewhere close at hand. Certainly, Barzani must know how al-Qaeda terrorists working with the Obama administration planned this attack.

Barzani is upset with President Obama. For some reason two Kurdistan political parties are on the terrorist list and despite his pleas to US officials they have not been taken off. So, it is no show until the US shows interest in removing the names.

If I was Barzani, I would be really be annoyed because my name was not on the NSA list of terrorists.