President Sarkozy Heads East To Confront Russia

France’s President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is headed for his first trip to Russia, but along the way he intends talking with nations that have rocky relations with their Russian neighbor. He will meet with Ukranian president Viktor Yuschchenko who led the Orange Revolution against Moscow’s man in the Ukraine, and the French president will also meet with Poland’s president Lech Kaczyinski who has continually expressed his concerns about Russia. Sarkozy will meet with Czech leaders who are supporting American efforts to place missiles in their nation, an action, which has resulted in negative reactions from Putin.

Sarkozy has a tendency to regard himself as more knowledgeable than other leaders in dealing with international issues and concerns. He apparently enjoys throwing his weight around to prove France is still a powerful nation in the world. He will be meeting with President Putin who is a mirror image of the French president in believing in his personal power to dominate and control. It will be interesting to observe the outcome of a meeting between two arrogant men.