President Sarkozy’s Bombshell– Nuclear Weapons For Germany!

During a recent meeting with Chancellor Merkel of Germany, French President Nicolas Sarkozy shocked the German leader by proposing her nation gain access to French atomic bombs. According to Der Spiegel: “Both the chancellor and her foreign minister were speechless.” The very thought of atomic weapons is against everything modern Germany believes in given the horrors of World War II. There is increasing evidence Sarkozy gets angry at anyone who doesn’t accept his ideas which he usually considers to be correct. He told members of the French cabinet that Chancellor Merkel was a “woman from the east.” This refers to the fact she was born in the former east German communist nation.

Sarkozy increasingly is coming across as a European version of George Bush. He throws out wild ideas, yells and rants at those who dare to question him and he has the finesse of an Energizer bunny as he dashes around the world. He may well be a ticking time bomb.