President Who Is Always Late, Late Again

Barack Obama has once again demonstrated when it comes time to display a fighting spirit, he takes his time until the time arrives when it is too late to achieve goals. During the health care fight, he dithered and dathered for months as Republicans took control of the situation and got across their incorrect ideas as to the meaning of an overall good idea. Last December, he did the opposite during negotiations with Republicans. He blinked before negotiating a decent agreement concerning taxes. Yesterday, after weeks of allowing Galddafi and his thugs to control skies over Libya, the president agreed to work with Arab nations in order to enforce a no-fly zone that hopefully will end Gaddafi control of skies. The UN Security Council vote was 10-0 with China and Russia abstaining. Hopefully, Gaddafi will finally be halted.

Is it too late? There is a strong likelihood Gaddafi forces are now able to sweep into the last rebel stronghold in Benghazi even without using their air force. President Barack Obama is always a step too slow or a step too quick.