President Who Never Was

The office of president of he United Stats of America is undoubtedly the most important leadership position in the world. However, in the American system of democracy which requires a president, not only to lead the nation, but to lead his party, whether a president likes it or not, he is also leader of the political party which made certain he was elected. Barack Obama has never grasped this concept. He views himself as above politics. He believes the only important object in power is being elected to the office of president. After five years with this attitude, Obama has witnessed Republicans of gaining control of most state governments and most state governors. They control the House of Representatives and that is why millions who witnessed the expiration of unemployment benefits will not be able to obtain such much needed money.

Every great American president has been a great political leader. Anyone who doubts this statement should see the new Lincoln film in which Åbraham Lincoln is the ultimate politician in order to secure the end of slavery. Obama is simply among the most inept political leaders in the history of this nation. His political failures have led to the failure of a decent life for millions and the rise of wealthy folk to power. They may not have the presidency, but they can halt any reform of our society.