President Zardari Defends Trip Away From Floods

There appears to be a constant factor in any effort to confront Muslim insurgents throughout the world– “our guys” are incompetent, arrogant, and distant from the lives of citizens in their nations. Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari went on a trip to Europe as floods devastated his nation and while he was wandering the streets of Paris and London as well as exploring his beautiful chateau in Normandy, millions of people in his country were fleeing for their lives from floods that have damaged or destroyed at least 1.2 million homes, and forced millions to become refugees in their own country. Naturally, Muslim fundamentalists rushed to aid people and the president’s response to their efforts is to complain about “organizations taking advantage of this human crisis.” In other words, the problem is his enemies helped the people while he was sitting by his fireplace in the chateau sipping sherry and feeling the pain of his people. Wow, the bad guys are the ones giving food and shelter to people!

However, our beloved leader sees a “silver lining” in this tragedy. He notes that Taliban and al-Qaeda followers may have been drowned or their weapons swept away in the floods. He assures one and all in the world: “the fight goes on.” I am not quite certain which fight is going on, but as our beloved leader wants us to know, “I have my reasons for being where I was at what time.” Tune in to learn what are those reasons.