President Zuma-Cease Pretending, Mugabe Is A Dictator!

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa continues insisting things are going well in Zimbabwe and it is time for western nations to provide more aid. Even as he speaks, opposition MPs are arrested on false charges, members of the Movement for Democratic Change are beaten or lose their jobs, and Zuma pretends that Zimbabwe is some sort of fairy land of peace and serenity. Human Rights Watch stated the truth: “the region’s leaders need to press Zimbabwe openly and publicly for human rights reforms to prevent the country from backsliding into state-sponsored violence and chaos.” Georgette Gagnon of HRW, put it even more bluntly: “South African leaders should stop looking at Zimbabwe through rose colored glasses.”

To Jacob Zuma, President Robert Mugabe was a leader in the fight for independence. Yes, he was, but that was thirty years ago. Since then he has become a kleptomaniac and tyrannical ruler. The past is dead, it is time for Zuma to see the world as it is –today in 2009!