As one reviews presidents over the past fifty years an interesting perspective emerges. It is difficult finding an American president during this time period who actually accomplished important goals and met the desires of Americans. Our initial presidents from Washington to Madison all were re-elected and all have gone down in history as successful in one aspect or the other. None faced charges of being unethical, none were rejected by their own party and all left office in fairly good shape.

Lyndon Johnson in the sixties got us into the Vietnam War and wound up being so hated by the American people he did not run for re-election. He was followed by Richard Nixon who would up facing impeachment charges and resigned. Gerald Ford stumbled through the two years left of the Nixon presidency and was defeated. Jimmy Carter told Americans the truth about energy issues and was defeated after Iranians seized American hostages. He was succeeded by St. Ron Reagan who promised lower taxes, less government, and ending the national debt. He raised taxes, doubled the national debt and increased government employment. He had great press agents. Reagan was followed by George Bush I who promised not to raise taxes, actually raised taxes and was defeated by Bill Clinton. Clinton tried to get Americans to accept a national health plan, ran into a buzz saw of negative publicity by health care folk and wound up facing impeachment charges.

Along came George Bush II, who was having a miserable time in office until Muslim terrorists saved him by crashing planes into the World Trade Center. George lied and lied his way through Iraq and wound up being hated. Along came Barack whose Ivy League background persuaded him to go for health care rather than for jobs and you all know the result. We now have among the dumbest or most ignorant Congress members in the history of the United States of America. What can we learn from these stories?

1. The last thing Americans these days wish to hear is the TRUTH.

2. Americans are among the most ignorant people on this planet when it comes to economics. They voted for Tea Party candidates who promised to reduce taxes which means less money for the government while being able to reduce the national debt. huh!

3. This generation of Americans will NEVER be referred to as the Greatest Generation.


If you want to be elected president of this nation just:

Promise to reduce taxes.

Promise to end taxes on the wealthy.

Promise you will create jobs by repeating ten timers a day: “there will be more jobs.”

Promise those who have health care that you don’t give a damn about those who do not and let them all die–AS LONG AS THOSE WITH HEALTH CARE DON’T HAVE TO PAY A DIME FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE IT.