Press Freedom-Not In Turkey

The modern Turkish tragedy is denial of freedom of the press to those who write for the media. Hundreds of reporters and editors are currently in jail on grounds they violated the Anti-Terror Law which literaly makes criticising any government action as inciting people to violence. Naturally, the government decides what is  meant by “encouraging” violence. At present it decides criticism of policies is violence or not liking the ideas of Prime Minister Erdogan as an example of terrorism. Turkey currently is among the leading nations in the world which has imprisoned writers for writing.

Turkish deputy Prime Minister BuilentArinc, announced the government was proposing a new law that would decriminalize expressions of opion and cease making them a crime. He hopes to announce this month “that even if a person makes propoganda, as long as  it doesn’t steer the masses toward weapons and violence, it will no longer be considered a crime.” Hopefully, this leads to releasing journalists currently in jail.