Press Freedom On Trial In Turkey

Western nations love to portray Turkey as an example of a “moderate Muslim” nation in which principles of democracy are respected. Over 100 journalists linger in jail because they dare writing the truth in the democratic nation of Turkey. An Istanbul court refused to order the release of two journalists who are charged with having links to the Ergenekon clique which supposedly plotted to overthrow the government of Turkey.

Journalists Nedim Sener and Ahmet Sik were denied freedom. Sik told the media: “To silence journalists is to silence the people. It is journalism that is on trial here, and the principle of confidentiality of the news source that is being strangled out.” He is a journalist and made clear that he printed the truth, and “never received orders from anyone.”

If Turkey’s “moderate Muslims” stifle press freedom, what do Egyptians and Tunisians have to fear?