Pressure Cooker, Anyone?

The war on terror has created a new terror in our lives since ordinary utensils employed around the home can be used to blow up people. Hussain Al Khawahir left his home in Saudi Arabia in order to visit his nephew, a college student in Ohio. He decided to bring a nice present to the boy. Gee, what would really excite the boy—hmm. I know, a brand new pressure cooker so the boy can enjoy his lamb, real hot and  juicy. Mr. Khawahir arrived at the airport filled with joy and pleasure that his nephew soon would be cooking away. Alas, airport security  personnel grabbed Mr. Khawahir and soon he was in jail on charges of being a terrorist.

For some reason, this man in Saudi Arabia does not know anything about pressure cookers as bombs. He claims never to have heard of the Boston Marathon massacre. And, to make matters worse, one page is missing from his passport.

I did learn one new thing in life. Apparently, it is common in Saudi Arabia to travel with a pressure cooker.