Prevent Strategy Is Bigotry

The government of England has developed a Prevent Strategy designed to ward off terrorist attacks. Its basic premise is quite clear. Listen carefully to your neighbor for signs he might be depressed or he fails to attend church on  Sunday, signs that he is either Jewish or Muslim and does not love Christ as his Savior. The Prevent Program is now in higher education in the UK. Lecturers, chaplains, administrators and even porters have been alerted to be on the lookout for anyone who displays signs of being a terrorist.

James Hayward, a student leader,  met with Prevent Strategy folk and was told to be on the lookout for fellow students who were sad, had grievances against the system, disliked the government, went on extremist websites and lacked a proper religious orientation in life. “We were appalled to have Prevent folk  asking us to effectively spy on Muslim students.”

I am confused. Everything Prevent wants to prevent applies to the nut murderer in Norway who killed over 70 people. I assume Prevent folk would classify him as a “terrorist,” of the Christian persuasion.

What ever happened to the concept of innocence before being judged to be guilty?