Price Of America’s Love Affair With Drugs-Violence!

There are numerous unintended consequences with the love affair between Americans and illict drugs, hundreds of thousands in prison and open warfare near the Mexican-American border. The decision of the United States to declare illegal the use and sale of drugs has created huge drug empires throughout central and South America. During the past three years violence continues to escalate in the border area near the border of the United States and Mexico. Gun battles are becoming the day’s norm as rival drug gangs challenge one another for power. This past week, fifteen Mexican drug-gang members were killed in a gun battle within sight of the United States.

Rival factions of the local Aellano Felix drug cartel in Tijuana on the Miexico-California border fought each other with rifles and machine guns in the early morning hours as local police stood by since they lacked the weapon power of criminals in order to halt the battle. The corpses of fifteen bodies were surrounded by hundreds of bullet casings and many of the faces of the dead had actually been destroyed due to the viciousness of the fighting.

The decision to make drugs illegal is destroying many areas of Latin America. It is a failed effort and the American tragedy is its inability to awaken from the nightmare with drugs and create a new environment in which drug use is handled as a medical issue, not a criminal one.