Price Of Bush WMD War–85,000 Dead!

George Bush and his fellow right wing media shouters have long insisted there was need to invade Iraq in order to save people from the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein. Iraq’s Human Rights ministry announced that during the time period, 2004-2008, approximately 85,000 people were killed in Iraq due to terrorist attacks, explosions, assassinations, kidnappings or forced displacement. In addition, an estimated 147,00 people were wounded. The data makes no distinction between civilians and others. According to the report about 15,000 unidentified bodies were found in this time period. However, the Iraq Body Count– a group of academics and peace activists– estimated the death total from 2003-2008 was between 88,000-97,000 civilians.

Regardless of the exact body count, the issue is whether Saddam Hussein could have been removed by other than warlike means. Or, the issue is whether or not Saddam should have been left alone while Iraq groups endeavored to get rid of him.

I know George Bush, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney will sleep peacefully tonight.