Price Of Dictatorship

The Russian people have for centuries provided the world great writers, great dancers, and great scientists. But, the rule of President Vladimir Putin has put a dent in the ability of this country to produce minds that break the barriers of knowledge and allow entry into new domains of the mind. Thompson Reuters just released its list of top scientists in the world. Of the 3,215 listed only EIGHT ARE RUSSIAN! To make matters worse, of the eight, three are affiliated with foreign institutions. In other words, only FIVE are Russians working with Russian institutions. Under the regime of Vladimir Putin those who dissent are punished. Those who are gay or lesbian are beaten and deprived of their right to a peaceful, productive life.

Putin has created a prison of the mind. The creative mind requires openness of thinking, it requires the right to explore that which is not part of the ordinary mind. Putin fears such minds, and so it is not surprising those minds flee to a world in which one can think and investigate the unknown. In other words, a world in which Putin lacks power.