Price Of Freedom–Live In Gated World

Five years ago, a Danish newspaper printed some cartoons which depicted the Prophet Muhammad and the result was an explosion of anger from some Muslims who interpreted the cartoons as insulting. Since then, there have been repeated attacks on the newspaper and threats of violence. The newspaper, Jutland based Juyllands-Posten, has taken the advice of security officials and encircled its offices with a kilometer long metal fence. The fence is 2.5 meters high, made of metal and topped with security surveillance cameras throughout. Cars can only enter through a single gate and at every step of the process of entry there are checks to ensure it is not a suicide bomber. Employees can only enter one person at a time.

It is somewhat ironic that a fence has been constructed to safeguard Danish workers against Muslim terrorists while in Israel, a fence was constructed to guard against Muslim terrorists that aroused fury in the world. We inhabit in this world both metal and mental fences which separate people from peace and love.