Price Of Military Victory-Jail?

General Sarath Fonseka, led the victorious army of Sri Lanka during its long and brutal fight against Tamil Tiger insurgents. He was hailed by the government for his leadership and showered with acclaim and honor. But, the general then made a serious tactical mistake, he decided since there was now peace, he would run for the presidency of the nation. Ironically many of the defeated Tamils regarded the general as more of a friend than President Mahinda Rajapaksa whose failure to respect human rights in last stages of the war made him into an evil person.

Fears the government would intervene in the election became evident when soldiers stood at regular positions on roads around Colombo’s Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel where General Fonseka and his supporters congregated. The election is tight and if the government loses it might resort to arresting the victorious general and sending him far away. The vote result will be announced some time today.