Price Of Sectarianism

American troops swept through Iraq and brought in their wake a new government for the people of Iraq. Under control of the Baath party for decades, Shiite Muslims were denied their rights to be equally involved in the government of their nation. Americans believed removal of Saddam Hussein would result in the formation of a government that would unite the nation and lead to creation of a democratic society. This goal could only arrive if booth Shiites and Sunnis were united and willing to share power. Alas, the United States supported the regime of Nouri al Maliki, among the most corrupt, incompetent and sectarian leaders in the country. He turned away from any collaboration with Sunni leaders, and, even worse, attempted to arrest Sunni leaders who were working in his government. Most eventually fled for their lives.

Muqtada al-Sadr, who played an important role during early months of the new regime now believes that sectarianism has destroyed the new country. He blames Prime Minister Maliki for the breakdown in efforts to form a government that includes all major groups. The result is non-stop death. This is simply another example of how the Bush administration destroyed any opportunity for a stable government.