Price Of Television Madness– Hatred!

The incident in itself is not momentous, just a large black doll hanging from the window in a building in a small southern town. Plains, Georgia, is the home of former president Jimmy Carter, who is the only living ex-president to focus on issues of peace rather than on the quest for money and glory. This makes the hanging of an effigy portraying President Barack Obama even more revolting. It was found yesterday morning hanging from a window in a building on whose exterior is painted information about the town being Carter’s home.

The real question is why do we find such petty, vicious public hatred of the president. There is no question in my mind media pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the dozens of other spouters of hatred enflame citizens with false stories concerning the current president and administration. In their quest for raising ratings they rant and rave with information that has no basis in reality–only in fostering hate.

We can expect a “funny” comment from Rush about the hanging black doll.