Price Of War In Iraq For UK Soldiers

Unlike the United States, the people of Great Britain are conducting an investigation into the origin and development of the Iraq war. It is clear from evidence presented that British troops were sent into combat without preparation and there was lack of an overall plan on dealing with Iraq once formal fighting concluded. General Sir Peter Wall, deputy chief of the defense at the time of the Iraq war told the Chilcot inquiry British troops in the southern city of Basra were “sitting ducks” for attacks by the Mahdi army. In essence, by occupying Basra, “we were essentially the focus of the violence.” instead of being able to stem the violence.

Eventually, the British had to make an agreement with the Mahdi army in order to cease being the object of constant attacks. What do we learn from this nonsense in supposedly fighting a war? There was NO PLAN for the occupation of Iraq! It was a haphazard performance made up on the moment without any long term concept of what to do in order of ensuring peace in Iraq. The guilty ones were George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.