Price To US Of Israel Lobby

Barack Obama became president in 2009 and within a few months had gained great popularity among many nations in the Middle East. Fast forward to 2011 and those who once shouted his praise now completely ignore his requests. The Israel lobby in America and Obama’s assumption regarding how American Jews vote has resulted in a loss of former allies. Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and even Saudi Arabia are telling the president they will go their path and don’t give a damn about his path to peace.

Most polls show a majority of Americans who are Jews support the concept of a two states and most want the West Bank(with some land modifications) to be part of the new nation of Palestine. Again, Barack Obama has failed to present in clear terms the importance of creating a Palestinian state and the importance of not allowing fanatic fundamentalist Jewish settlers to determine the future of the Middle East. Speak openly and honestly to American Jews and speak bluntly to Benjamin Netanyahu if we want peace in the Middle East.