Pride Days In Budapest Abound

There are people in Budapest who spend their nights worrying about gays marching in the streets. After all, first gays marched in the open, then came the lesbians, then came a march by left handed people and finally, one leg activists hopped down the street in an attempt to persuade people to abandon a leg and join with them in a hopping match. Csaba Koletar, fears gay pride marches will influence the Hungarian population into abandoning male-female interactions and God knows what they means for the survival of the nation. “We would like to protest against the open practice and popularization of homosexuality in Hungary.” His organization of concerned believers in two sex marriage intend to openly march in protest against the gays and lesbians and any other kind of weird sexual union.

I think he has a point. Isn’t it about time those of us with causes had our own march? I expect marches from the following groups to show those damn gays, they are not the only gay group in town:

Lefties United Against The Right

Chess Playing Fanatics

Cheerleaders Anonymous

Booklovers Forever

Jews For Peace –With Anyone

Sarah Palin Is The Daughter Of Christ Believers

Three Manhole Cover Stickball Hitters