Priests Of Shame

I confess. I really do not understand how someone who has committed his life to serving the ideals and values of God can abuse a young boy or girl in order to serve the needs of their sexual desires. Father Francis Derriman, a Catholic priest in Australia, manipulated and confused children by getting them so terrified they felt the need to go along with his sexual fanstasies. Joan Isaacs who attended Sacred Heart Convent in Brisbane, was told by Father Derriman that if she did not go along with his demand for sex from her”I will kill myself and you will always know that it was your fault.” He demanded sex when she was sixteen. She felt close to committing suicide and had sex with the voice of God.

It took two years of negotiation with the Catholic church to get some settlement. Most of the money went to lawyers and health expenses. She was told that she could not make disparaging remarks about the Catholic Church. Who are these people??