Prime Minister Gordon Brown Demands Ouster of Mugabe

A defiant Gordon Brown informed African leaders he would not attend the European and African summit meeting to be held in Portugal in December unless Robert Mugabe was not allowed to attend. The English prime minister said he could not be present at a meeting with President Mugabe who has wrecked his nation plunging it into utter ruin with an inflation rate of 7600% and 80% unemployed. Brown noted thousands of Zimbabweans are fleeing their country seeking food and jobs in other nations.

Gordon Brown is the first European or African leader to take a stand against the thuggish regime of Mugabe who beats up and imprisons those who oppose him. He has transformed a thriving nation into an economic basket case by driving out productive people and enriching his own friends and supporters. It is about time leaders of Europe and Africa let this petty tyrant know his presence is not welcomed. As Brown put it to African leaders, “it’s him or me.” Amen

  • George

    Gordon Brown is the British Prime-Minister. Not English. He isn’t even English.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I do understand that he is not English. We Americans frequently use the words in an interchangeable manner. I apologize.