Prime Minister Olmert Offers Confusing Message About Syria

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered a confusing explanation regarding prospects for peace between his nation and Syria. He told the Israeli newspaper, Yedio Ahronot, that is was his insistence which led to Syria being invited to Annapolis even though Bush opposed the invitation. Olmert said the Bush administration is very concerned about Syria’s action in Lebanon and it will never abandon Lebanon in their struggle against Syria. “We are a ware that Syrians will not get involved in peace talks unless the Americans changed their stance toward them…And, for establishing normal ties with Syria, the Americans will have to betray Lebanon, and the George Bush administration is not willing to do so.”

The nation of Israel should be focusing on establishing ties with Syria and finally resolving the Golan Heights dispute. It is unclear why George Bush should be interfering in a valid approach to dealing with Middle Eastern issues. The Israel government got sucked into the Iraq fiasco because they blindly followed the Bush lead, and now it is important for Israel to be concerned with their own self interests, not those of a man who simply lacks any understanding of the complexities of Middle Eastern life. Of course, all parties should defend Lebanon’s right to determine its own self interests, but America must cease interfering in legitimate opportunities to resolve problems.

  • mendy

    israel warned the U.S repeatedly before the irak invasion and they have involvement in it whatsoever.
    about lebanon the reason everybody intervene is simple: you have 2 rogue country’s;iran,syria that destabilize the region and expand their influence in irak and lebanon through violence if they succeed both will end up in chaos which benefits the first two
    western powers should do everything possible to avoid it.
    you can clearly see the potential lebanon has to bring a disastrous chaos in the middle east by looking at last summer was between militias and israel. those militias now rearmed want the power in lebanon.
    for israel to choose syria over lebanon is simply dumb: iran is behind both but for now syria is a lost cause while in lebanon you have a very tight pro western majority and elections…..
    better one you hold than two you may get…..wait syria is only half

  • mendy

    ”israel warned the U.S repeatedly before the irak invasion and they have involvement in it whatsoever.” oups missed the no* my mistsake