Prince Harry Is Harried Once Again Over Inept Remarks

Prince Harry, grandson of the Queen of England, has once again gotten himself into hot water over behavior which displays his lack of empathy or understanding of other humans who fall outside of his narrow range of friends. In 2005, Prince Harry displayed a lack of principles when he attended a fancy dress ball wearing a Nazi armband and German uniform, but then again, he assumed being a member of the royalty meant the “king is always right.” In his latest gaffe, Harry called a fellow cadet, my “little Paki friend” and was also heard referring to a Muslim as a “raghead.” It is doubtful if any disciplinary action will be taken against a member of the royalty who apparently is allowed to speak in idiotic and disparaging terms about other members of the military as well as citizens of his nation who come from Pakistan.

Isn’t it about time for the British people to save some money by sending the royal family off to some nice royal lodgings in the mountains of Scotland and cease indulging the foul mouthed spoiled little boy who is doesn’t know what the word “prince” means other than being a prince of inept remark?

  • Dune

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown says a racial slur used by Prince Harry to describe a fellow soldier is unacceptable and has no part in British life.

    Yeah, he really is the prince of inept remark :)