Prince William Wants To Fight

In olden times, the leader of a nation was at the head of his forces when they entered battle. Alexander the Great was right up front when his men charged and for those who have seen films and plays about King Henry V leading his men into battle against the enemy, it made our hearts stir as he gave the famous speech about standing and fighting for dear old England. As recently as WWII, generals were still in front line positions and risked their lives along with the men who served under them. Prince William of England is next in line to become the king if grandma dies and he wants to be allowed to serve in Afghanistan where his younger brother is currently piloting Apache helicopters.

There is something important about having those who lead risk their lives in battle. We all know how George Bush was given a nice soft job in America during the Vietnam War due to family connections. One wonders if George might have thought differently had he actually been shot at by the enemy. Would the experience of battle have made him think twice before ordering American soldiers to risk their lives in Iraq?

Dwight Eisenhower, who commanded British and American forces in Europe turned down French requests to send American soldiers into Vietnam in 1954. He was the only American president since 1952 who actually reduced the military budget.

Let William get a taste of battle.