Prison Party, Anyone?

A German hotel is offering a unique opportunity for its guests to spend a few hours being a prisoner in an old Nazi jail. The four-star Hotel Stadt Hamein provides its guests with a four hour party($62) which enables them to wear prison tee-shirts, be supervised by guards and pretend they are being subjected to brutal treatment. The hotel management is simply catering to tastes of its guests. We thought this idea might also spread to other areas of the world:

1. How about pretending to be a protester in Yemen. The hotel will fire blanks at you while a member of the hotel staff beats the shit out of you for daring to trespass where you shouldn’t be. In the background will be authentic speeches by President Saleh.

2. Or, you could spend an hour in a three ft cell, Myanmar style while rats run over your body.

3. For those who view themselves as liberals, we offer an opportunity for any Jewish Israeli to become a Palestinian for one day. They will be halted, stripped searched as they attempt to make a one hour trip within the five hour limit. Losers will be forced to listen to speeches by Benjamin Netanyahu for five hour.

4. If you do not believe there are climate changes taking place, we offer a weekend in Joplin, Missouri for those who would like to enjoy being in a tornado for an hour. Sorry, if your clothes get blown off.

5. We offer a special. One week in a California prison where you will be in a large room with a hundred fellow prisoners and fight for toilet rights.

The hotel is not responsible for any acts of insanity that occur after our parties.