Prisoner Release Angers Israelis

There arose a moment in the history of South Africa in the 1990s when its leaders decided to take a gamble. In the prisons of South Africa were men who had committed horrible crimes in their pursuit of ending white control of the nation. Yes, some had murdered white people. Yes, some had blown up buildings and caused deaths. Among those who were released was Nelson Mandela who then led the process of segregation and established the basis for a multi-colored society. The government of Israel released 26 Palestinians, including those who had murdered innocent Israelis. Eventually over a hundred will be released from jail. There is jubilation among Palestinians and anger among many Israelis.

Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon told the nation prisoners had to be released in order to further the process of gaining an enduring peace for the Jewish population of Israel. It is the same gamble made on Nelson Mandela. Yes, there is fear when a murderer is allowed free from prison. But, one never knows if the murderer is Nelson Mandela. It is a gamble, but a gamble for peace.