Pro Cologne Is Anti-Muslim!

A German organized group named Pro Cologne is holding a pan-European meeting of groups which oppose the presence of Muslim in their nations. The rally this week is aimed at fighting the “Islamic and Immigrant Invasion of Europe.” In particular, Pro Cologne is extremely hostile to a decision by the city of Cologne to allow construction of a mosque in the city. Rafet Ozturk, of the DITiB Turkish Islamic Union, pleased “it is high time that people in Germany raise their voices to support dialogue and peaceful coexistence and take a stand against injustice, racism and extremism.” Leftist groups are planning protests against Pro Cologne and will place placards around the city urging “dialogue and tolerance instead of aggression and fear.”

Many Islamic countries have urged the European Union to halt Pro Cologne from meeting. Unfortunately, these nations are most probably unable to grasp that repression and forbidding free speech only encourages hate and fear. Ironically, Iran called on the EU to halt a meeting which fosters hate. Perhaps, the Iranian government might spend some time dealing with its own human rights abuses before seeking to spread fear and anger toward those who oppose governments.

  • James

    I think it is about time we woke to the reality in Europe that, unless we white christian folk don’t do something to protect ourselves we will be engulfed, in 2 generations, in by a tidal wave of Islamism. This is not about colour it is about the right to determine our own nations’ future. We in Europe are being emasculated by a socialist thinking set of governments too afraid of the financial consequences – not political – to allow us folk to assert out voice and right to expression

  • Fred Stopsky

    Well, we Jewish folk just don’t agree with you all white Christian folk who goes around hating and killing people who ain’t like you. As I recall, one of your white Christian folk named Adolf, sort of did what you all want done– kill honest decent folk.

  • ProudOne

    Why that silly nick?
    Because I’m german and proud of the people in cologne, as they hindered those racist fools from holding their press conference and sabotaging most of the other events they intended to hold on friday.
    Neither the major nor the police, not even restaurant owners or bus drivers wanted to have anything to do with them like they had leprosy, that was great! :D

    And James:
    U are intolerant and full of prejudices, there are about 120000 muslim citizens in cologne and they fucking deserve their own representative mosque, or would anybody say that the cologne cathedral shouldn’t be there because it is a provokation for all who are not christian. That would be tremendously stupid and so it is in this case too.
    Most muslims there are fully integrated and DO NOT plan to “islamize” cologne, that is ridiculous!

  • John

    When in Rome do as the Romans do.

  • Fred Stopsky

    That assumes all Romans agree on what one should do. American culture was changed by German immigrants who brought new ideas of schooling. Our literature and humor were changed by Jewish immigrants, and so on….When in Rome, listen to your immigrants who have something to make certain Rome will not fall to barbarians.

  • Toyos

    Mr. Stopsky,

    If you, and as you yourself mention all the other Jews in Europe, are so scared of all the white Christian folks in Germany and elsewhere, why do you insist on living amongst them. Wouldn’t your time be better spent among your tribe in Israel, where you are free to have a homogeneous Israeli tribe without a bunch of wacko white German Christians and other Europeans threatening you?

    Strange isn’t it how there are so many white Christians in Europe? The audacity of them to be living there , and for that matter to have lived there the last couple of thousand years as Christians, in the first place. And how unsettling it is that they just refuse to capitulate and finally accept their demise and extinction with such vulgar and savage displays of sheer outright intolerance.

    Nothing like in Israel of course, where the muslims are allowed to come in by the millions and establish brand new minarets and hate centers in Jerusalem or any other major Israeli city, and are given immediate Israeli citizenship and government handouts.

    You are just spreading sheer jibberish to a receptive and dumbed down European people, who thanks to you and others with your mental disease, will soon be an extinct people, which I am sure is your objective and make you as happy as a pig in shit.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Sorry, Mr. Ignoramus, there were Jews living in Europe hundreds of years before there were any Christians.
    P.S. As I recall, it was a Jew named Christ who began the conversion of your barbarians.

  • freddy

    What happened is similar as to build a catedral in Mecca.
    Will the muslim accept that ?

  • Fred Stopsky

    Germany is a democratic society, Saudi Arabia is not. So, you want to act like the Saudis, is that it?

  • ProudOne

    Toyos and freddy, u guys suck!
    We are NOT talking about muslims in arabia, but about german citizens in cologne and nothing else. And they have all the rights coming with that citizenship and one of those rights simply is the right of free choice of religion. Anybody who wants to argue about that is a fuckin Fascist!
    And I dont care if u stupid christian fundamentalists (u are not better than most islamists, because u also want to create distrust and hatred, just at the other side of the river.) think that our way of live is in danger, because it is NOT. Many people in the middle east simply admire the western way of live but feel ignored and disregarded by us.
    A little bit more respect is all they want, so why dont u just give it to them?
    Because u feel soooo much superior to them, u really are pathetic little boneheads, not more.

    It is simply not true that most Europeans were Christians during the last “couple of thousand years”. Today there are many atheists, buddhists and muslims here and just about 1000 years ago half of Europe was inhabitated by “heathens”, who believed in many things like a god of thunder or in witches, but surely not, that there is just one god and that that god had a son here on earth, who could change water to wine and rise from the dead. They their own implausible legends, just other ones ;)

  • Sean

    Islam is not a religion, it’s a horrific ideology of hate and murder. It is incompatible with the Western notion of a free society. Islam should be stamped out and eradicated just like the other despicable political ideologies of nazism and communism.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I assume you have read the Bible. As I recall, on Passover, God wipes out all the Egyptian children for the sins of their fathers.

  • John

    The problem is the ideologies cannot co-exist.By the way although Hitler was formally Roman Catholic,he did not believe in Christianity because he thought it was weak. Goebbels notes in a diary entry in 1939: “The Führer is deeply religious, but deeply anti-Christian. He regards Christianity as a symptom of decay.” Albert Speer reports a similar statement: “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?”[19][20] In the Hossbach Memorandum, Hitler is recorded as saying that “only the disintegrating affect of Christianity, and the symptoms of age” were responsible for the demise of the Roman Empire.[21] In 1941, Hitler praised an anti-Christian tract from 362 AD, neo-platonist and pagan Roman emperor Julian the Apostate’s Against the Galileans, saying “I really hadn’t known how clearly a man like Julian had judged Christians and Christianity, one must read this..source wikipedia. So as you can see he was impressed by Muslim thought amongst others.The Inquistion was a desperate attempt to hold on to power since the Roman catholic church hierarchy was so intertwined with government.The problem now is that Islam has not changed in its ideology since its inception. As to the comment on Egyptian children: God was acting in perfect love, and, therefore, perfect justice. The Egyptians had selfishly mistreated the Israelites for decades, using people who were created in God’s image as their slaves. They had also enforced a barbarous system of infanticide that must have brought untold suffering to the families of Israel. The loving God could not remain passive.God sent Moses to demand Israel’s release. When Pharaoh refused, and, in fact, actually increased Israel’s labors, God sent the first plague-the waters of Egypt turned into blood. Incredibly, Pharaoh hardened his heart, and God sent a second, and then a third, and then a fourth increasingly severe plague. After each plague was lifted, Pharaoh repeatedly hardened his heart, and finally the last judgment arrived: all the first-born sons of Egypt died in one night.
    Too many people only see God’s judgments in this story. But can you see the incredible mercy of God? Pharaoh could have averted God’s final judgment if he had heeded the warning of God’s initial, more minor judgments. But he didn’t.No one, and I mean no one, has a right to complain that God has treated him unfairly. Not only has God not treated us unfairly, but He has treated us very mercifully. Why do the Muslims want to live in other countries that do not subscribe to their ideology? There must be an agenda.That is why the pro cologne group exists. The fabric of European society is quickly being dismantled. It is true that demographically, the Muslims are out populating everyone else. Read Mark Steyn”America Alone The end of the World as we know it” Islamic society needs to go back from whence it came and stay there

  • Fred Stopsky

    I guess you believe there are people to whom this “God” speaks, and there are people to whom he does not speak.
    As I recall, Christian Europeans spread over the entire Western Hemisphere and wiped out those who opposed them. They took over Australia and New Zealand from the original inhabitants. Does the “Pro-Cologne” group oppose European Christians from spreading throughout the world and refusing to abide by customs of Aztecs or Incas or Iroquois….?

  • Hans Miller

    Rainassiance – Looking forwards toward civil understanding. Look at a Baby, when its born and the parents are full of proudy eyes and the heartbeats emphasise thankfullness to the Babymaker, who has more Power in His mind. The Creator, has given us such good and bad qualities to characterise the human race and differenciate itself from the animals, which the human race has been hunting all the time as their master. You, think, because they have a clever brain and who made it to function. And we do experience that the human race, independent from creed and colour is influenced from its surroundings. Wait and see, how history develops, you’ll wonder, how thing changes. There were bad elements like adolf hitler and his team along with masaloni, the troublemakers and there were peace loving historical figures. And there were fathers like Adam, Noa and Abraham with their sons and daughters. All in one family and what made people change from “germanen” to roman christians and then by spreading racial theories, ctazy people made way to distinguish themselves like something higher, forgetting their downfall. Its time to think, what you want to be, slaves of others – nobody would like to think in these terms, but like liberty and freedom, as all of us are born free, and no slavery, whatsoever. Whosoever can think a better way and act global, will lead with his efforts in making peace by tolerating and giving others the right of speech, mevement, thinking and acting. Make no walls and you’ll be saved, if you want to live in boundries, you are narrow minded and will become sick and you disintegrate yourself and you’ll be in search of supportersm, who are mischieve makers and are looking around for opportunities to make trouble, as they cannot live in freedom and they play hide and seek as they know what the general law about human rights says:

  • WhiteBread

    Lets forget religion for a minute. I currently live in Toronto, Canada. Although its a beautiful, multi-cultural city, I have noticed in the last year the presence of brown turban sporting families EVERYWHERE. And today, thousands of them have gathered downtown to celebrate some religious event. I would never consider myself racist, but I can admit (and I know there are so many people out there who would agree with me) that I wish there was no brown people in my city. It has NOTHING to do with religion for me. Its like they are below normal intelligence. You let one in the country, he becomes a cab driver. He calls up every single brown relative he has, and gets them a job as a cab driver. I work with a brown guy who says he was a judge (A JUDGE) in Bangladesh. Yet after a year he is still unable to master even the most BASIC skills at his job. Something any white person could learn after a day or two. Imagine him as a judge. Its terrifying.

    Like I said, it has nothing to do with religion. I just don’t want to live beside any of them. I don’t want to see them when I walk down the street. I don’t want to get in another disgusting, dirty, s*it smelling cab again. I want to see white and black people around me. I want to see Italians and anyone else who can INTEGRATE into our society. Not walk around looking like a 3rd world refugee.

    Its time people stop feeling bad for disliking brown people. They’re disgusting.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I assume you have greater intelligence than those ignorant dark skinned people like Barack Obama or Condi Rice.

  • dr gerrard suttle

    This I am writing to fred stopsky alone.
    I have been reading through your comments,
    And I feel as if you have the bible, the jewish scriptures and the quran all wrong!
    You preach about the jew, christ, it was the jews who killed christ, with your selfish agenda!
    One religion stands today to be of honest heart, and that is buddhism!
    I stand by MY country, where my mother and father were born, and their mother and father too, and I can go back 25 generations!
    I don’t want war, I don’t want islamist freaks taking over this land, not because I’m racist, its because my ancestors built this land!
    Why don’t whoever doesn’t like english people, or christianity, this countries CHOSEN religion, just go to your own countries, and live in mud huts and shacks, and whatever other useless materials you use to live in!
    Your nations are scruffy unhygenic places, with people than fashion beards and wear masks! Just leave please! You don’t like this country, our country, so move on!
    I have seen what the english person can do under attack, and when the english man feels threatened, ha retaliates with a lot more force than a cowardly bomb on his back killing innocent people!
    Islam is a rediculous religion, and it has no place in this country! And as for you fred, if you’d rather go back to that scum hole you call your homeland, which infact was taken from you by the muslims you protect,,, go there then, and never come back!
    This is england, not 6th century arabia, we don’t wear scarfs on our faces! This is england!!!

  • tomin the d

    All of your half informed,meaningless jabber about this persons rights and that persons feelings…will not matter when the next great war see,we are humans,and our history has taught us clearly,that when my tribe decides your tribe has to go,people have no problem doing the most horrific things possible.its ok,we all sit here now because at some time,all of our ancestors raped murdered and pillaged those who werent quote us.the strongest tribe wins.its just nature doing its thing…the sooner the better!i am of an anglo saxon not mad at those who hate my people..i believe we will win any real conflict.i support the right of those in opposition to resist..its possible they win.but it will not be handed to them.