Pro Family Christians For Christ

I am not a member of the Christian religion although I did read the Sermon on the Mount by a nice Jewish man named Jesus Christ. I regarded his words as those coming from a man who had love in his heart for all humans, not only those with wealth but those without. Jerry Boykin, who is executive Vice President of Family Research Council, was talking at a conference of those who believe Jesus was the original head of the National Rifle Association when he explained to one and all the real meaning of Jesus Christ. He made clear that Revelation 19 which spoke of Jesus returning as a “warrior”with a sword in his hand really meant. I quote this religious scholar in his own words: “I believe the sword that he will be carrying is an AR-15″ assault rifle.

Jerry added, “if you don’t have one, get one.” The audience applauded and laughed with joy to finally grasp the meaning of “Christianity.” I regard Jesus as a Man of Love. It is clear that members of the National Rifle Association regard him as a warrior out to Stand His Ground.