Problems Of Being Christian In USA

Anita Perry, wife of the governor of the great state of Texas is rather upset these days at the ongoing persecution of Christians in her country. She informed America that God Himself had asked Rick Perry to run for the presidency in order to finally have a Christian attain that high office. The vicious attacks on her husband are simply an effort by those opposing Christianity to prevent the new son of God from securing that office. “We’ve been brutalized and beaten up and chewed up in the press” because they want to halt a man who believes in the Christian faith from becoming president.

According to Anita, her husband is “the only true conservative” in the field of battle. It was Anita who initially was informed by God to get her husband off his butt and run for the presidency. “God was already speaking to me, but he (Rick) didn’t want to hear it.” One day she told her husband, “I said you may not see that burning bush but there are people seeing that burning bush for you.?

In other words, if Rick  Perry DOES become president, it will be a first for Christians in this nation. Finally, they will have a good white Christian to lead the people from paths of sin into the bright future of truth, honesty and decency.

God Bless Anita. God Bless Rick. God Bless the American People!