Prodigal Son Please Return

The American Legislative Council(Alec) has a problem. It is an organization dedicated to the proposition that America needs more people like Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz or any political leader opposed to the proposition that poor people deserve any assistance. From their perspective, this nation was founded by the wealthy in order to defend the wealthy and if America is to survive as a vibrant healthy society the rights and money of those with wealth must be protected. Alec is not exactly smart, but it does provide funding to legislators who believe in the importance of job creators(jobs that provide $7.45 an hour for those who want to eat). This network of greed has witnessed the departure of over 400 state legislators from its ranks along with dozens of major corportations.

Alec is discovering that it is not so smart to be associated with “stand your ground” folks like George Zimmerman who killed a 17 year old black boy. Each week George winds up threatening someone with a gun and has become the poster boy for dangerous use of weapons. Corporations do not wish their names associated with such bizaree behavior and even state legislators are worried to be a partner in violence with a wild man who draws his gun if you speak loudly to him.

Alec can not legally be engaged in political lobbying without losing its tax exempt status. So, what does a group that is engaged in the political world do to prove that its engagement in this world is not political? I know, claim they are sponsored by God to foster job creation.