Professor Henry Gates — NRA Poster Boy!

I have been surprised at the lack of comment from the National Rifle Association during the recent conflict between Professor Henry Gates and Sgt. Crowley. During the past few years I have received numerous comments from adherents of the NRA who believe people need guns in their homes to protect themselves from “jack booted police” who will be storming their homes to destroy the right of a man to be king of his own home. Typically, NRA adherents support the right of individuals to decide what goes on in their homes rather than allow government agents to enter without permission and boss individuals around.

I expect that Professor Henry Gates will be named NRA Man of the Year for his heroic stand against Jack booted police who invaded his home while he was sitting in a chair and reading. Think about it– a man is at home minding his own business when jack booted police pound on his door and demand entry. But, this man in a true NRA attitude refuses to allow them into his house, and then is forcibly removed and sent to jail. Professor Gates stood up to the jack booted police and it is only natural for the NRA now to stand up for him.

How about contacting your local NRA branch and asking when the NRA is going to name Professor Gates their Man of the Year. Please also ask the NRA to issue a proclamation praising President Obama for terming actions of the jack booted police to be stupid. God Bless Obama for supporting the principles of the NRA.