Professor Obama Offers A Seminar

Liberals on the left are aghast we use military power to intervene in Libya while Republicans are either furious we did not intervene earlier or that President Obama did the intervening which means it must be a mistake. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are currently gazing at maps in order to discover if Libya is some liberal district in the state of New York. Once upon a time Barack Obama spoke with eloquence, these days we are happy if his lectures do not put we students to sleep. He offered a sane, logical explanation as to why America had to use military force in order to save lives.

I realize there are those like Jon Stewart who equate any use of military force as Bush redeux. Military force could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Darfur with minor impact on America, but Bush hesitated. During the 1930s, western democracies hesitated to use political force in order to save German Jews and most died. There is a time and place for using military force and President Obama offered a rationale for its use.