Progress In Hate Continues

At this very moment about 200,000,000 people all over the world are not residing in their land of birth. They are immigrants in a new land who are encountering the hatred that so frequently meets the stranger in a strange land.Norway is witnessing the rise of the Progress Party which is based on the concept that strangers, particularly those with dark skins or who come from the Middle East, are not welcome in the land of milk and honey. The people of Norway are wealthy, they have incredible support from society, but 14% are convinced they should be frightened of strangers. Of course, Mr. Breivik who murdered over 70 young people on the island of Utoya was born, raised and has lived as a natural born inhabitant of Norway. No Muslim killed those Norwegians, it was a natural born murderer.

The Progress Party has promised to provide the people of Norway with more roads and more police helicopters in case some native born Norwegian goes on another murdering spree. If I was a Norwegian, I would deport all native born folk from the land in order to avoid mass murders.