Prophet And Headscarves In Turkey!

Although Turkey is mainly a Muslim nation and is governed by the Justice and Development Party(AKP) which is centered in conservative Muslim beliefs, the military still adheres to Ataturk’s more secular views for the nation. A discussion in Parliament soon degenerate into a fist fight when AKP deputies expressed anger at refusal of the military to show respect for the wife of Prime Minister Erdogan. “How dare you not allow the wife of a prime minister who is accepted as a prophet to the Gulhane Military Academy of Medicine? Who do you think you are? Opposition deputies were furious at the use of a word like, “prophet” to describe the prime minister. Erdogan got into the battle by bluntly stating, ‘My wife was not allowed to visit a patient because of her headscarf.”

Year after year secular and religious factions in Turkey argue and shout about the presence of the headscarf in their daily lives. The military continues adhering to the policy which for decades forbid wearing the headscarf in public institutions in order to maintain the secular nature of the nation. Surely, there must be a middle ground on this issue.