Prophet Muhmmad Had Sense Of Humor, Didn’t He?

Those who believe the Prophet Muhammad was a great figure in human history understand he grasped the entirety of the human experience, including the ability to laugh. For some reason, his followers are unable to respect their Prophet and his greatness. A South African cartoonist created a new furor by depicting Muhammad lying on a couch in the office of a psychiatrist and complaining, “other prophets have followers with a sense of humor,…… ” Thousands of Muslims throughout the world are demonstrating to prove the complaint has validity. Zapiro, the cartoonist, drew the sketch in response to the Facebook furor which compelled the Pakistan government to close down the site of “everybody Draw Muhammad Day” cartoons. The South African Muslim Judicial Council exploded with a complaint that “people can not expect the Muslim Community not to express its pain and anger.”

Jonathan Shapiro(Zapiro) received a threatening phone call from someone who identified himself as, ‘Muhammad.” Zapiro shot back, “Which one?” and received curses. As Zapiro commented, “if we can’t express opinions in a democratic society, we really are in trouble.”

Nic Dawes, editor of the Mail & Guardian, summed up the issue: “In my opinion, the cartoon is as insulting to Muslims as the assumption that Muslims are incapable of reacting to a challenging image with anything but violence.”

By the way, do Muslim newspapers in the world depict Jews in an insulting manner? Oh, that is OK, because those images are not about Muslims.