Prostitutes and Burqas

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem was appointed by President Hollande in France to head the Ministry of Women’s Rights. Among her initial acts was to wage war on prostitution which she wants to see “disappear.” Prostitution has long been legal in France and novelists often described their initial sexual encounter in the arms of a prostitute. There is a difference between sex trafficking and a prostitute. Many women are recruited and brutalized by gangsters into becoming prostitutes. However, not all prostitutes fall into this category.  Some are businesswomen seeking to make a living.

If Ms. Belkacem truly wants to end prostitution, how about beginning in Parliament where men and women sell their souls for money to businessmen? Prostitutes come a dime a dozen on Wall Street, but no one wants to end their sordid business.

Oh it would really help if Ms. Belkacem is interested in women rights to end the crazy anti-burqa law passed under former President Sarkozy. Muslim women have the right to dress as they desire.