Prostitutes In Denmark Up In Arms

Danish prostitutes are infuriated at websites set up by the Social Affairs Ministry which makes negative remarks concerning the ancient and noble profession they pursue. The government program seeks to discourage young people from purchasing sex but the Sexarbejdernes Interesse Organization insists the government campaign spreads malicious information that is not accurate. The prostitutes were particularly upset at website claims they suffer from “shell shock, lack of sex drive, low self-esteem and physical handicaps. In retaliation, the organization of prostitutes has placed on the Internet their own website which they argue offers a more balanced view of prostitution.

The battle of the sexes regarding prostitution goes back hundreds, if not, thousands of years. In olden times, it was one of the few occupations open to women. If the issue is does an occupation result in lack of sex drive, low self-esteem and physical handicaps, one can certainly cite several business organizations in which men and women both suffer from these maladies.