Prostitutes Not For Hire In Denmark

In many countries of this world the concept of a woman offering her body for hire is against the law. Yesterday, police in Copenhagen rounded up 31 prostitutes who had come from Nigeria in order to find work. The women are charged with working without a work permit, vagrancy and illegal entry. I assume by these charges that a woman CAN secure a work permit to be a prostitute.

I have always found fascinating the concept of  making illegal prostitution. Actually, throughout human history  prostitution was among the few occupations   open to women-along with being maids or a seamstress. Most find abhorrent the idea of a woman selling her body for money. Of course, many women in college identify some nice young man who apparently is headed for a lucrative job and get married to him rather than  marrying a guy who wants to be a drifter. Marriage for money is very common among women in all societies.

We do not identify selling one’s vote for lobbyist money as prostitution, that is simply one’s right as a member of Congress. We do not classify as prostitution robbing people of life savings, that is simply being a good hedge fund operator. I long for the day when police round up every politician who sold his vote for money.